Corporation history:

Operation Valkyr was founded in 2013 as a wormhole research corp. It began with some alts and laboratories hidden away in a remote system. While Operation Valkyr’s main characters infiltrated the giants to learn their secrets, the corporation’s blueprints and resources grew.

Nearing the end of 2014 the corp switched to high sec missioning and research as its people grew tired of 0.0 and came back for a breather. Around May 2015, the corp moved in with the Gurlstas Associates in their class 2 wormhole. As the corp grew under the Alliance’s wings we started looking for opportunities.

When we came across Muspelheim, a Class 5 Red Giant wormhole, the corp decided to move in and expand its operations. We started testing capital escalations and have a tight-knit group capable of tackling many challenges.

Having lived in Muspelheim for many months we came under siege by Dura Lexx and moved out. Having found a class 4 Wolf-Rayet system dubbed Muspelheim a few weeks earlier, we decided to move in. New home, new challenges. The future once again looking bright!